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- Welcome again! After a few months of inactivity, I'm reopening Race For Kicks with a new track. Come and join! It's a cold and rainy day here in Córdoba and it's a Sunday; perfect combination for some work on Stunts :)
Cas, 10 September 2017


Cas @2017-10-11 1:44:34
Race closed! All replays published!!

Cas @2017-10-10 23:6:52
Oh... now you login without the underscore, but it still shows it in your nickname... uhm... I know why that is. I'll fix that too.

Finrok_ @2017-10-10 7:37:42
Ok! Thanks @Cas

Cas @2017-10-10 6:20:31
FinRok, you can now log in without the underscore

dreadnaut @2017-10-8 12:12:24
I highly suggest some software like Keepass or its variants, to keep all password encrypted somewhere.

Finrok_ @2017-10-8 8:12:48
Yes i have forgotten my password so i made new profile! I looked thru my saved logins on other comp but none. I should make pen scrapbook for my all my 100+ accounts :D

Cas @2017-10-8 6:9:54
And Dreadnaut takes the number one position! :D Looks like I did something wrong in the code and broke the scoreboard. I had to log in to the CPanel to fix it, but it's fine now. Hey, FinRok. You had to add the underscore because you had forgotten your old password? I can fix that for you if you want.

Cas @2017-10-7 19:2:35
Thanks for joining, FinRok! Replay verified.

Cas @2017-10-4 21:44:23
Thank you for participating, Dreadnaut!

dreadnaut @2017-10-3 18:11:29
Yes! OWOOT is a nice change :) Thanks for running this Cas.


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